Thursday, October 18, 2012

Monday Morning Muffins

Muffin Mondays

I drive away from the suburbs and right into downtown early on Monday mornings to pick up my Muffin. He's usually still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, and sometimes dressed in pjs, but he greets me by running down his dad's front porch and giving me a full body bear hug. He usually gives me a few sentences about his weekend and then grins as he says "goodbye Daddy-bootie," which is his new favorite hobby- adding "bootie" onto the end of any sentence. 
I love that he's getting old enough to actually like some of my hobbies. Monday mornings we have our downtown coffee date. He's a muffin connoisseur and I need my caffeine after working very long and very late hours at the group home over the weekend. 

He tends to be his chattiest first thing in the morning anyway. He looks at the windows and quickly classifies any bystanders as good guys or bad guys. He plans a walk around the block once we are finished. "We'll defeat them Mom," he tells me, "we are bigger and faster and I'm Iron Man and you are Pepper Pots. Pepper Pots likes coffee, and Tony Stark."  
He tries his first ever cup of hot (warm) coco and smiles out the window, pleased with himself. He later tells me that if you love something a lot you just have to hold it tight and rub it on your cheek. I think he's right.


Tori said...

Love his little quote at the end, that is just amazingly precious!

D. said...

i just randomly stumbled upon your blog (i'm not sure i could even retrace the breadcrumbs that led me to your doorstep), and i'm glad i did. love your little guy, your writing, and your brave honesty. i know it's not easy to update with so many things that you're probably juggling, but i sincerely hope that all is well with you both and that there will be an update soon.