Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This was my plan

Just like in the movies
You were supposed to come along and save me
I was supposed to come along and reclaim you

Since the beginning something inside me
mistakenly informed me that I'd become your muse
I craved watching myself become funneled
through the wrinkles in your brain
and smeared onto a page

I had delusions that my lemon sunlight would be enough to transfix you
Remember? I'm your Phenom
sent here to expose how different things could be

But how was I to know that your muse was already carved in marble,
seated on her throne,
a tempting apparition,
coalesced to your core

Your brilliance offered me compensation for my vacant life,
provided a testament against his meretricious claims
You were supposed to disentangle this nest of desolation,
but instead you fashioned twigs of melancholy and nonchalance

Ultimately the same thesis was echoed

the one where I'm left begging
and you remain locked in your atramental box

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