Friday, March 4, 2011

Iron and Wine | Tree by the river | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

I feel like I've aged thirty years in the last week alone. I gain an ounce of faith back and then have it snatched out of my hands before I've even come to terms with it. I knew I'd have to face some of these inevitable new facts about my new life. But I didn't expect them to all be thrown at me at once. Having an empty house while my son is "at his dad's," being introduced to new girlfriends, facing a dying grandfather, gossip, rumors, old lies surfacing. Right now I'm just really struggling with the fact that I played by the rules my entire life. I took all the right steps to ensure that I would get a certain type of outcome. I resisted temptation, sacrificed, and gave of myself until there was nothing left. So how did I end up here?


autumn said...

I am so sorry lady, you have been in my thoughts and prayers nightly.

Anonymous said...

Remember that this is not your final destination, this may be one of the hardest trials you will face, however you have many more beautiful tomorrows to look forward to.

Leslie said...

I'm sending lots of good thoughts to you. You are such a strong woman and you will get through this! Hold your head high! XO