Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Overwhelmed by the pressure 

                              to heal on other people's timetables. Overwhelmed 
by feeling like I'm constantly 

                                    on a path to healing from the latest catastrophe. Hit by the next 
    wave before I've had time to 
get my bearings and 
stand up again. 
                                                   Starting to believe that life is really like this. One long horrible chain of events stung together on a thread of lies. 
                     to believe that it really doesn't matter how you live your life 

        because when it comes down to it
you have no choice but to move 
               with the ebb and flow of the decisions that are being made around you. 


Me said...

To a point yes, you are right. Life can be a horrible chain of events to make you really appreciate the good things. You do have good things. The dog, great family, loyal friends, an outlet like this that really makes all of us admire your honesty and willingness to strive...for anything, an amazing baby boy, and the heartland. This too shal pass, and something will "fill your buckets" again. I love you brave girl.

Anonymous said...

yay!! i can finally comment on your posts!! i check your blog everyday waiting for a new one! i can totally relate to this, and feel that its true, but carly, you wouldn't be the strong, mature, woman you are today!!! i love you just the way you are! i wouldn't change a thing!