Monday, January 3, 2011

Tablecloth Curtains

On Sunday my sister and I braved the cold and made the 45 min drive to the nearest Target.
 I am truly making a sacrifice by living here.  : ) 
I ended up finding this great large sized bird tablecloth made by Dwell. The only way my cheap-butt could justify the $25 price tag was to do something more with it. Plus we only have an itty bitty Ikea dining table that we leave folded into a triangle most days. So I really had no use for such a huge piece of fabric. 

Retro fabric curtains that I've had FOREVER 

Simple simple.
 Chopped it in half, left all the edges raw (because WHO really cares?). 
Added some loops to the top to make it fit the window better (while using less of the pricey fabric). 

Yellow birds, it was made for me. 

And just enough left for our tiny table.

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