Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bizarre Happenings

And now, my bizarre happening. (Which is nowhere near as exciting as April's)

Bizarre Happening by Carly  

Lex's dad was primarily raised by his mother and her parents. He did visit his dad on weekends but wasn't too close to that side of his family. One day back in 2008 we got a call from his father. He simply stated, "grandma has died" and left us with a few details about her funeral arrangements. Even though my husband hadn't seen his grandma in years he only thought it approporiate that we attend her funeral. I had seen photos of his grandma but I had never gotten the chance to meet her. 

So we rearranged our work schedules and made time for the funeral. We drove up to L.A. and found the correct address. The viewing location was something that I can only imagine existing in California. It looked like a huge nice hotel. We went inside and told the ladies at the front desk the name of the funeral we were there to attend. The receptionists told us a room number and we followed the signs, and took an elevator up to the location. It literally was like a hotel for the deceased. It was so strange to me. It was a huge corridor of rooms where viewings were taking place. We found the correct room number and my husband greeted a few of his distant relatives who were lingering outside of the doorway. 

It was a pretty small room so we waited a little while until there was room for us to enter. Once we entered the room we were given a chance to approach the casket and say some prayers for his grandma. Lying there she looked a bit older then what I had remembered. We then took our seats in the relative-lined room and listened as family members recounted stories from her life. There was the typical funeral chit-chat taking place about how nice she looked in her casket, and how it was a relief to see her set free from her ailments. We were told that the actual funeral service would be taking place in a chapel on the same grounds. Everyone began shifting around in their seats anticipating the need to clear the room and move to the new location. 

Around this same time a new visitor entered the room. 

I turned my head to follow the visitor and quickly realized that I was looking at my husband's grandma...

The same grandma that we believed was lying in the casket in front of us.... (!!!!!!!!!) 

A little freaked out, confused, and stunned, I nudged my husband and forced out an urgent whisper, "Isn't that your grandma?!" 

He squeezed my hand and replied "Yeah, I think it is..." 

And with that we politely exited the room with the other relatives who were starting to walk to the chapel.

I didn't know whether to giggle or cry. I might have done a little of both. 

 After a hurried chat with my sister-in-law in the bathroom I was given the correct information. The deceased grandma was actually my husband's grandma's sister (which explains the similar appearances). We have no idea how the message was relayed to us incorrectly. It was the strangest feeling ever to sit during the service, and visibly see the woman who we thought we were coming to grieve a few rows ahead of us alive and well. We kept it to ourselves that day how dumb we felt to think we were at an entirely different funeral. Sorry grandma. 


But maybe the most bizarre thing is I have another story almost exactly like this one. Except this story takes place at a country club. My roommates and I worked setting up/organizing/decorating for about an hour for THE WRONG wedding. We were there an entire week too early. Oops. 

Your turn: What is the most bizarre thing that has ever happened to you? 


Anonymous said...

My bizarre happenings have actually happened 4x.....I am a caring, loyal, strong, opinionated woman with a really big heart for trouble makers and animals. But when someone invokes the rage in me, I turn into an enraged crazy person. Like "Girl Interrupted" or "Misery" rage. It's only happened 4 times and usually when I am physically provoked. The stores are long a weird, but know that it happens. :)

Jordon said...

So I am boring and can't really think of any thing, but I'll post something. We are currently in the process of being a house. So I call an insurance agent to get a quote and tell him the address of the house. He says, "Oh, is that Forsbinder's house? I used to play there all the time when I was a kid." This guy lives an hour away and I had no clue he lived here. Then we met with him in person today and he asks my husband, "How's your dad? He married us back in 1988, didn't you know?" Also, we arranged to clean the house even though we still didn't have a closing date. I go to get the key and the realator says, "Just keep the key, I know where to kind you if I need it." ONLY IN SMALL TOWN NEBRASKA!

Lindsey @ Better After said...

Sweet, I love original artwork, I shall throw my hat into the ring!

Hmmm...Bizzare story...the funeral and the moth will be pretty hard to beat.

Right after I had my second child, the doctor decided I needed to get a good close look at the placenta for some reason. He took it out of the pan, dramatically stretched it out and held it aloft and then accidentally dropped it. It was like a bloody bomb went off all over the floor and his shoes. I guess that was more gross than bizzare.

Anonymous said...

Either I am really boring or I have a terrible memory...
But this is kinda crazy, I have a friend named Tittie (I think you might know who I am now :) ) and her co-worker bought a house...ten years later she bought a used car from a car lot. Found out that the previous owner of her house and car are the same people! She has never met them.

katie said...

I love bizarre stories!

This one is actually about bizarre luck... something that I've had periodically during my life. When I was an undergrad at a community college in N. California, I went to the library at Stanford to do some "real" research. I had to find out more about a German painter for a class I was taking. A librarian printed out a list of books for me and pointed me in the direction of the stacks. As I went down the list of books, I quickly realized that all of the books were written in German! I was about to give up, but my boyfriend at the time, who was with me, said to just check out the last few "just in case" they were in English. When we got to the end of the list, we found the last book was on the bottom shelf of the last row of books in the corner of a section of the library. I sat down and grabbed it, flipped through the pages, written in German, and the book opened up to the middle where there was a STACK of $20 bills! $160 to be exact! Though I can honestly say that if that happened to me today (I'm now 36 years old) I would likely bring the book and the money to the front desk and turn it in... I will admit that as a broke 20 year old student, I kept the money. To this day, I can't figure out how/why someone would have forgotten or left that money in a library book! Bizarre... Thanks for reading! And thanks for your cool blog. I'm really enjoying it.

Leslie said...

I don't think I would call this a bizarre happening...more of a story that I created in my head and freaked myself out. Does it still count? :)

Back in 7th grade (I would guess) our mutual middle school and HS friend was scared of ghosts and spirits, yet seemed to be intrigued by them. We would always watch ghost stories on HBO, and other channels, just to freak ourselves out later in the didn't help that her cat's name was Spooky. :) One Sunday evening I was getting ready to jump in the shower when I walked into my bathroom and screamed bloody murder. The shower rod had fallen down half way and I for sure thought a ghost had done this. I was 100% convinced that my bathroom and bedroom were parents came running upstairs to find me in a towel shaking and crying. They calmed me down and assured me that the tension in the rod probably came loose and caused it to slide down. :) I still made my mom sit in my bedroom while I showered b/c I was too scared!

I'm sure there is a true bizarre happening story to me...I'm just having trouble thinking of one.

Maggi said...

First of all, I absolutely love this blog! Thanks so much for sharing. So here is my story, I have an Aunt, who was a beautiful, amazing lady. She was so full of life, and willing to try anything. She only had one fear in life that ever held her back....Feathers. She was afraid of all feathers/birds, and especially hated pigeons. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and eventually passed away. On the day that she passed, her best friend was walking down the sidewalk in NYC with her Mom. All of a sudden a pigeon dropped dead right in front of her. Her friend immediately told her Mom that my Aunt had passed and that was her way of telling her, by knocking off a pigeon. Her Mom told her that she was crazy, they were in NYC after all, pigeon capital. They arrived home, and found her son on the porch crying, my Aunt had died and not only that, it was at the same time the pigeon had lost his life. Bizarre or a sign? MS

Anonymous said...

Well I can't believe you called me out for lurking....actually sure I can and I totally own that title, along with "crazy cat lady". My current bizarre story is more of a feeling, that everytime I watch Alaska State Troopers I am sure that one of the stories is going to be about someone I know. And if you don't know why that is bizarre just wait until you see the show b/c that crazy business actually happens in AK!!! AC

Yellowbird said...

Thanks everyone for such great stories! I love when my quiet friends come out to interact with others. : )

I'm going to be leaving "second" entries for my new followers.

(this box, comment #9 will be the second entry for my new follower "rage girl" in comment number one.)

Yellowbird said...

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