Tuesday, January 4, 2011

$5.00 Apartment Kitchen Makeover

I'm pretty sure that every apartment I've ever lived in has had an ugly kitchen. I've had an idea brewing in my head for a while now as to how to fix this issue in my current kitchen. Part of my New Years Resolution to cook includes bribing myself to spend more time in the kitchen. Now that I can actually stand to look at my cabinets maybe the cooking will be easier...maybe?

Here are my unashamed "before" photos.
But actually that is a lie.
I had already organized the space above the cabinets before I remembered to take a photo.


I used this vintage tablecloth and one $5 roll of white self-adhesive paper to redo the kitchen. 


I wrapped all of the doors first and then got busy with a x-acto knife. After they were wrapped in the laminate, I used 3M spray glue to attach fabric cutouts from the tablecloth. 

(I swear, if I see one more kitchen with fake ivy and wicker baskets above the cabinets....)
Displaying my very small collection of cookbooks along 
with my grandma's coffee tin and syrup bottle. 

 I cut out more of the tablecloth and put the
 fabric in simple Ikea frames that I already had. 

The yellow bag is from Catalina Island.
 I love it so much I'd rather display it then use it. 
*side note* 
The last thing I still need to find/make are two bar stools. Anyone seen any good ideas lately? 


MikeandJen said...

Carly, I LOVE it! so beautiful!!!

Bows and Anchors said...

your a busy little bird!!!! :)
<3 it!

Eve said...

I love the landscape above your cabinets - it shows the artist in you - the colors, textures, sizes of the things you are displaying! Can't wait to see your bar stools! :)

Shawn @ I Wash...You Dry said...

Wow, that is one amazing transformation! You are very creative! :)

autumn said...

Did you paint first? We rent and our kitchen is soo dismal but yours is looking so fab!

Yellowbird said...

Autumn- No I didn't use paint at all. Just "contact paper" (don't know if everyone calls it that...). I just rolled out a piece of the paper with about an inch extra on all sides of the cabinet doors. Then I sliced a diagonal line on the each corner of the excess so it would wrap around the door smoothly.

Basicly it felt like wallpapering. Just be sure to peel the backing on a diagional using only a little bit at a time. Smooth with your hand and work out air bubbles as you go.

Later I went back in and used straight strips of the paper to cover the "background" wood that is between the cabinet doors. Used an x-acto knife to cut away and extra/bumpy edges.

Does that make sense?