Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Falling Whistles and Living Water

At the start of the advent season this video seemed to be in pretty heavy circulation. I don't know much about the organization, but I think that the video is very well made and has an amazing message. The message in the video is really why I wanted to focus on thoughtful handmade gifts this year. I've never been a huge holiday shopper in the first place but I love knowing that my family will see the tlc I've put into each of their gifts. The facts about the amount of money spent in the US each Christmas is quite staggering. My stocking stuffers for our family will be vouchers for Living Water International.

The only gift I'm spending "real" money on is this whistle. These whistles are part of a movement to build recovery for child soldiers in the Congo. The children are often armed with nothing other then a whistle.

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