Friday, November 5, 2010


November always reminds me of my babies. 
On November 9th we gained an angel in heaven. 

A year later, on November 27th, I woke up with a numbing tingle in my hands.
I felt so different. 
We took a post-Thanksgiving dinner walk in San Diego.
Before we could reach the end of the pier I was too exhausted to continue.
I thought maybeeee just maybeeee I could be pregnant again.
I tried to keep my excitement contained.
I told you I would wait to take a test once we were home from our trip.
The next morning I took a test and immediately saw the second line.
I ran down the hallway and jumped into bed with you, shouting "Wake up! I'm pregnant!!"
And before I knew it, my huge fatty 9.4 lb baby was born.