Sunday, November 7, 2010

I need to have a daughter.

More inspirations from the BNNB Blog:

I needed a gift for twin 18 month-old girls who happen to have a dance teacher for a mother, and a vocal coach for a father. Here is what I started with:

 The skirts are inspired from a post about using men's button-up shirts to make baby skirts. I made mine more into an apron style with a ribbon drawstring. This was probably the most complicated thing I've ever sewn! I had to look up a youtube video of "how to sew a gather." Yep, I'm that technically challenged when it comes to "real" sewing.

All in all I'm very happy by the way they turned out. The insides of the skirts are a little scary looking, but we will pretend that we don't see those parts.

I altered the idea a bit by using the top of the shirt to make one skirt:

pocket detail from top of shirt

And a second skirt from the bottom of the shirt: 

The baby leg-warmers are also from the BNNB blog. I did mine in a super easy version by just cutting the sock and sewing a quick line to keep it from fraying.  I love the way that "baby leggs" look on chunky babies.

I can't wait to see the twins wearing these soon. 


Using yet another idea from the BNNB blog:

I made a simple necktie t-shirt for a one year old boy...

pretend that you didn't notice it is a tinge crooked 

... and a skirt, embellished onesie, and leg-warmers for his newborn sister.

I hope they sit still long enough for their mom to get a good photo.  


Tricia Lee Riggio said...

you are doing great! Thanks for linking to me! I love the bows on the baby legs. and those skirts are amazing! I like them alot!!

Saul P. Arredondo said...

wow...this is nuts. awesome job. looks like it could be sold at baby gap or some sort of hipster baby store for hipster parents.

Yellowbird said...

Oh hush-it Saul. You are just mad because I said your blog was trendy. : )

April said...

Oh my goodness Carly! These are adorable. I love, love, love it!! You are a talented lady.

Saul P. Arredondo said...

it was compliment. sheeesh. ;)

Maggi said...

Carly those are awesome! You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

How crafty, clever and adorable. Great work Carly