Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This son of mine: (14 months)

Has just discovered the adrenaline rush that only a slide at the playground can give you.
Devotes his life to chasing dogs and kissing them.
Can say "woof-woof" only when performed with a total-body motion.
Thinks a kiss is what happens when you say "mmmmm" and tap your forehead on something.
Wrestles our dog like a little brother while shrieking like a girl.
Laughs at the silence every. single. time. I turn the faucet off.
Has replaced his hours of "stick-holding" with "rock-holding."
Is teething his molars like a wild banshee.
Has recently eaten his first serving of mac-n-cheese, ever.
Tries reallllly realllllllllllllyyyyyyy hard to jump. But his feet never leave the floor.
Dances to household rhythms including: the off-balance washing machine, dogs lapping water, and electric toothbrushes.
Never gets bored of turning the TV off and on.
Is not ashamed to wear rainbow pants in public.
Thinks that fish say "rawr." Because I made up a song about it.
Says "no-no" to himself as he does something naughty.
Finally has visible hair.
Can be motivated to do anything with the mention of "...and I'll let you brush your teeth!"
Is somehow manifesting into a true boy who gets excited by things like trucks and airplanes.
Still drools through two bibs and two shirts per day.
Bites when provoked.


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RaT Babies said...

Love it!

P.S. How do you know he isn't ashamed of the pants? It's not like he has much choice what his mama dresses him in?! ;)