Friday, October 22, 2010

An Examined Life

It started out innocently enough. I needed to find some documents in order to fill out some paperwork. First, I looked for them in the neatly organized top drawer of my filing cabinet. No luck there. I cringed as I thought about opening the dreaded Bottom Drawer of Death. I think I heard faint screams of ancient children as I tugged the screeching metal drawer open. Three hours and a glass of sparkling wine later, I had sifted through the heap of decaying paper products and found the documents that I had set out to find.

But along the way I noticed a few things:

Grandma, sorry I didn't cash that birthday check from 2006. I've really been meaning to get around to it. It is just that driving all the way to the bank, filling out a deposit slip, and talking to the overly perky bank teller, just aren't worth the $25. But, I really do appreciate the sentiment.

Dear 2007, you can suck it. All of your medical bill receipts and bad mojo still have the ability to make me want to drop kick a machete into your eye. How do you keep finding new ways to haunt me? I swear I already threw away all traces of your  negative existence. But you are a sneaky little rat, 2007. And you always get the best of me. But in the end I will prevail. Mark my words.

And to the Hardest Student I've Ever Worked With- I still think of you all the time. I hope you have found a team of people who can help you. I hope you are thriving. You were SO smart. I loved being part of your secret world when you would let me in. I really do wonder about you on a daily basis. I think about your parents and wonder how they are surviving. But how, oh HOW, did I somehow forget that you caused me two trips to the workers comp doctor? You made me laugh tonight, just like you always did, when I reread the discharge paper for my "human bite to chest." That was a fun day. I'm glad the doctor needed two witnesses in the room as he examined my chest. I still think of you every time I rub Mederma on my other bite scar. But, Hardest Student I've Ever Worked With, I love you for the challenge you gave me, for the unashamed pure joy you have for life, and for your ability to jump from death-defying heights. You taught me so much. Is Spiderman still your favorite?

Mother Nature, I'm so sorry for all of your goodness that is wasted. Companies who deal with things like student loans and health insurance find it completely necessary to document every action with six pieces of paper. Though, they are perfectly able to email me when it comes to attempting to sell me more products. Don't they know that I see their name on the envelope and immediately throw it into the "pointless to open" file? And I've discovered that the more years I manage to go without opening those envelopes- more more unnecessary it becomes to ever open them. Thank you student loans and health insurance for teaching me the valuable life lesson that: If you can ignore something for four years or longer, it will disappear.

Mother Nature thanks you, insurance company, for this trash pile. 


Eve said...

such a fun glance into Carly's world!!

Eva said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog! I'm your newest follower :)