Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I make my best attempt to get to yoga each week. But sometimes my life just gets in the way. Homework mainly, since it is all due by Monday nights. But when all the stars align just so, and procrastination doesn't get in the way too badly, I do make it to class. And when I get there it always leaves me speechless.

 I've only ever had this same experience when I've missed church for a while in a row. When I return I'm often hit with the feeling that the homily was tailor made for my ears only. Cora's theme during yesterday's yoga class was, "Everything is exactly how it should be in this very moment." Which left me reeling.

So, even though Lex's dad lost one of his jobs this week (which means our health insurance will end right at the prime sinus infection time of year). And our dog has a broken tooth. And I backed into my sister's car today. And the hospital suddenly decided we owe them another $600...

Everything is exactly how it should be.

Current favorite yoga documentary: Netflix this bad boy.

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