Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This brother of mine:

  • Insists on starting every day with a bear hug. 
  • Has one dimple on his right cheek. 
  • Often has two radios and one music DVD playing simultaneously. 
  • Curls his toes under when he sits. Exactly how I do. 
  • Has certain sounds that mean he is happy, and certain sounds that mean he is unhappy. To the outside world they probably all sound unhappy. 
  • Weighs as much as a bird. 
  • Inherited my Dad's balding pattern. 
  • Tucks his chin to his chest, bounces his knee, and taps his chest, if he is REALLY having a good time. 
  • Is fascinated by people standing behind counters. 
  • Is a medical mystery. 
  • Wakes in the night to steal loafs of bread from the kitchen. 
  • Isn't supposed to be able to walk or communicate. But he does
  • Has become weaker and weaker lately. Even though all the tests say that he is okay. 
  • Could gaze out a window for 18 hours a day if we would let him. 
  • Thinks that watching me brush my teeth is the most hilarious thing in the universe. 
  • Cries when he hears a baby cry. 
  • LOVES coleslaw and diet Coke. 
  • May be losing his sight. 
  • Can make an oinking sound that we have never been able to duplicate ourselves. 
  • Is forced to let me cut his hair and shave his 'stache.  : ) 
  • Has the strongest fingernails I've ever seen. 
  • Refuses to wear hats.

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Eve said...

A beautiful portrait of an apparently special man. Thanks for sharing.