Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Surrender to the journey

I reached down and gripped the paper hole-puncher harder then necessary. I checked the date of my last punch, it had been three months since my last hole in the card. My mind flashed between, "Its only been three months since all this happened?" -and- "Wow, this has been going on for a long time now." I found my spot in the corner near the cabinet with framed photos of Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict, and some cheesy real estate looking guy wearing an American flag pin. I unrolled my blue mat with the spongey quilted triangles, laid down and attempted to squirm the tension out of my shoulders. It had been the rotten type of day where I found myself driving without being fully conscious. I remember suddenly looking up and wondering how I had gotten most of the way to class without seeming to be aware, of anything. Had I just ran a red light? ...Or two? Cora's voice cut through my self pity coma and a small smirk spread across my face as I stood up and joined the other students in a simple knee-bend with arm-release warm up. "This warm-up symbolizes throwing away the things that no longer serve us,"Cora instructed, "and really, that means anything that is not important to us here in the present moment." In that moment my mind was probably only filled with things that were no longer serving me: anger, hurt, frustration, guilt, depression, pain, hatred. None of these things were serving me. So I symbolically threw them away, cleared my mind, took a deep heart-breath, and had a fantastically freeing yoga class. The last line that Cora spoke during the end-of-class meditation was, "Surrender to the journey that is unfolding before you." Brilliant.

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Becca said...

This one is absolutely beautiful, Carly. I wish, so much, that I could have a moment like this right now. I sure could use one. sigh.