Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My gift to the interweb

I was annoyed by the total lack of ideas that the internet had to offer in regard to octopus birthday cakes. I found the most promising idea on OhDeeDoh, and expanded upon their recipe. So please take this gift oh internet. It is all I ask of you.

I started by crafting two pizza boxes together with a little duct-tape to create the perfect sized cake platform. My cake creation uses one box of cake mix, 2 batches of Rice Krispy Treats, and two cans of frosting. I started with a rectangular sheet cake, cut out a circle using another cake pan, and then added in the extra "body" piece. I put dabs of frosting under the cake so it would stick to the foil. I also learned to be sure to spray the entire foil surface lightly with non-stick spray. Because no one likes metal shards in their Rice Krispy Treats. 

Form the tentacles while the treats are still hot. Just dip your hands in butter first, or wear plastic gloves sprayed with non-stick spray.

...added in m&m eyes, and dabs of frosting for the suction cups

...and fruit loop suction cups to complete the cake 

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Becca said...

Brilliant. Creative. Darling. A lot of work well worth it. :)

(My goodness. My word verification word is "shiestr"