Friday, July 30, 2010

Bits of happiness

I've had a few projects in the works lately...and I finally managed to finish them!

I somehow erased the "before" picture of this cabinet. But just know that it was ugly. It was dark stained wood with a huge chunky square slab of wood for a handle. It was $3.00 at a church thrift shop. I painted it and then added the fabric birds. In the summer it will act as the "fan table" and in the winter as the "humidifier table."

The bird fabric is from Ikea, and is on one wall in his room. 

In my first post about the nursery we had been using the changing table as storage/shelving. At that time our sweet little baby would lay perfectly still and practically hand me the diaper when I was changing him. Welllll....that all changed when Lex entered the stage where I was forced to hire a cage fighter in order to get him to lay down long enough to change his diaper. We found it much easier to wrestle him on the changing table as opposed to the floor. So I needed to find a new shelf to move all his knick-knacks onto from the changing table. 

I found the perfect size small shelf at Goodwill for $6.
 I didn't even need to make any changes to it. 

I made a $6.88 change to my room but it makes me $100,000 happier. The fabric "headboard" used to be a pale shade of orange that I really had no bedding to compliment. I saw this blue sheet set on Walmart clearance. I thought I was buying two flat sheets but instead it ended up being a fitted sheet, pillow case, and one flat sheet. I didn't think it would work since it was a twin sized sheet hanging over a    King sized bed. But I've decided that I like it better this way. All I had to do was just put tiny slits in the top of the sheet to allow for the curtain rod.  The new headboard allowed me to dig out my old Ikea clearance $9.00 duvet. I think the blues compliment the pinks in my naked-lady drawing that hangs beside the bed. My bright room makes me cheery now every time I see it. It's amazing what a little color can do. 


RaT Babies said...

Great job. I love the cabinet the most :) And look at that itty bitty baby in his bed - cute!

Anonymous said...

You are so creative! Everything looks great! I've been in a creativity slump lately. You need to come down and help me redecorate my place!