Monday, May 24, 2010

Deep Thoughts with Yellowbird

With the passing of both my first mothers day and my son's 9 month mark, I've been thinking about all of the insane changes I've been through in the last year. Random thoughts on motherhood:

• Motherhood is infinitely more amazing, astounding and inspiring then I ever could have imagined. Those little moments when he lays his head on my chest and squeezes my upper arm fat just make me melt to my core. I still have moments when it takes my breath away that he is mine.

• Some days I wake up immensely proud of myself for just doing what I'm doing. I'm raising a human being! That is crazy. I'm a mom...? What? When he thinks of his mom, he thinks of me. I'm someone’s mom. Crazy.

• Parenthood is hard. Even though I've always been a "kid" person having one of your own is an entirely different ball game. I never expected to feel so drained after a day of "just" watching my kid. I often wonder how people who weren't kid-loving to begin with, find the strength to parent their children.

• Motherhood has simplified my wants, needs, desires. The simple things in life are truly what keep me going these days. Coffee. A trip to the grocery store by myself. Reading a book in the bathtub. Going for a walk. Coffee! These things have become the anchor of my personal de-stressing.

• Human development is breathtaking. One day all the correct synapses align and BOOM he can crawl. To go from "not-doing" to "doing" in a 24hr time span blows my mind.

• My husband is an amazing dad. Being parents has only cultivated more love and trust in our relationship.

• Kids don't stop growing! I get so excited for one stage of development and then he pulls a new trick out of his bag. I'm awing over his walking skills and he starts saying "hi!" craziness I tell ya, craziness.

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