Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A letter from my 8 month old

Dear Mom,
I've decided that lying around staring at the ceiling all day isn’t fun anymore. I want to discover the world. When you’ve been asleep at night I’ve been weight training. That is how I was able to go from not crawling, to crawling, to super-sonic-speed crawling, to crawling up the stairs, in less then two weeks time. Also, just so you know, when I arch my back into the shape of the letter C, that means that I do not want to sit in my car seat. When I arch into more of a U shape, it means that I do not want to take a nap. When I bow into the perfect form of a waning crescent moon, that means that I do not want to be placed into the highchair. I’d rather eat my Cheerios while lounging in my walker thank-you-very-much. Now then, can we talk about toys? I’d love it if you could prepare a box of my favorite things for me. You can fill it to the brim with anything stick-like. I’d prefer: pinwheels, wooden spoons, sticks, bigger sticks, small shovels, tiny golf clubs and great-grandma’s cane. Anything that I could potentially jab my eye out with would be amazing. I’d also love a wrist guard in size xxxx-small. I’m getting rather sore from waving all of these stick-like objects around all day. Have you noticed how I now am able to stand up while holding one stick-like object? In the upcoming weeks I plan to master the art of standing while grasping two sticks. I’d like to increase the odds of a double eye jab by the highest percentage possible. I’m aiming to lose my sight before my first birthday if all goes as planned.

Thanks, Lex

Also, I love you.

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