Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A letter from my 8 month old

Dear Mom,
I've decided that lying around staring at the ceiling all day isn’t fun anymore. I want to discover the world. When you’ve been asleep at night I’ve been weight training. That is how I was able to go from not crawling, to crawling, to super-sonic-speed crawling, to crawling up the stairs, in less then two weeks time. Also, just so you know, when I arch my back into the shape of the letter C, that means that I do not want to sit in my car seat. When I arch into more of a U shape, it means that I do not want to take a nap. When I bow into the perfect form of a waning crescent moon, that means that I do not want to be placed into the highchair. I’d rather eat my Cheerios while lounging in my walker thank-you-very-much. Now then, can we talk about toys? I’d love it if you could prepare a box of my favorite things for me. You can fill it to the brim with anything stick-like. I’d prefer: pinwheels, wooden spoons, sticks, bigger sticks, small shovels, tiny golf clubs and great-grandma’s cane. Anything that I could potentially jab my eye out with would be amazing. I’d also love a wrist guard in size xxxx-small. I’m getting rather sore from waving all of these stick-like objects around all day. Have you noticed how I now am able to stand up while holding one stick-like object? In the upcoming weeks I plan to master the art of standing while grasping two sticks. I’d like to increase the odds of a double eye jab by the highest percentage possible. I’m aiming to lose my sight before my first birthday if all goes as planned.

Thanks, Lex

Also, I love you.


Get Ready....

Get Set.....


Toms da' bomb.

My husband is the most thorough online shopper that I have ever seen in my life. He spends hours upon hours of his free time browsing websites looking for the best time to get the best deal. My parents made the mistake of getting him a gift card to Cabela's once. His birthday was in May and he wasn't able to make a decision and purchase something until March of the following year. Thrifty shopping or adult ADD? You be the judge.

Recently he's been perousing for a pair of Toms shoes. I had heard about Toms before but I thought of them more as a status symbol/hipster thing. Papa-bear located the only shoe store in the state that carries the shoes. We were already planning to pick up some friends from the airport near the store the following week. About ten minutes after entering the store my husband’s hopes and dreams were crushed. They informed him that they were out of any shoes in size gigantic (men's 13). BUT they did have my size. I tried a few pairs on and instantly fell in love with the pure comfort.

By the end of the day I had a fresh pair of Toms, and Hubby had "I told you that you'd like them" bragging rights.

By looking at the Toms shoes I thought they would feel like my $4 RiteAid tennis shoes- cheap and rubbery. But I was SO wrong. My Toms are hands down the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I want to sleep in them. I want to swim in them. I want to tame a lion in them.These would make great "end of pregnancy" shoes. They are flexible and soft and have the best arch bump my  feet have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

So join the club and go get yourself a pair of Toms. They are a little expensive for my taste but they have a "One for One" motto. For every pair you buy, they donate a pair to a child in need. And that is pretty darn cool.

And I promise not to call you a hipster.

If you are wondering... the text on my shoes says this:

If the world were a village of 100 People
  •  30 are unemployed
  •  43 live on less than $2 a day
  •  40 have no shoes
  •  23 drink polluted water
  •  58 have parasites
  •  20 are malnourished
  •  14 are illiterate
  •  33 have no electricity
  •  3 are slaves
  •  1 has AIDS

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy Bees

We've been busy lately. I've been finishing up a very challenging course at school. To channel my negative energy I've been doing tons of small projects all around the house. I've only managed to finish one of them... oops. But the distractions have taken my stress level down a ton. I was very inspired by this wall. 
 I found some great small frames at a church thrift shop...

And now I have a start to my fun wall. I want to keep adding to it.

Lex has been a little sick with an upper respiratory infection while also cutting his first two teeth. It's been a little tiring but so exciting at the same time. Since his last doctor's appointment we have been starting a ton of new baby foods. So far he loves them all. He also started pulling himself to standing on the furniture and he is now crawling (only backwards!). March was such a busy month.

We've also been enjoying the spring weather so much. We've been hitting the walking trail almost every day. It's been warm enough for baby rompers! Hopefully in the next week I can finish up my bookcase project and the dress I'm sewing.