Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reverse Psychology.

I've bounced from apartment to apartment for the last eight years. As far I as I can remember I lived in four apartments in California and now one back here in the heartland. I never thought of myself as an "apartment person" before I moved to Orange County. But it is so dang expensive there! Since I'm still finishing my degree and my husband has no plans to go back to school the chances of us owning a house in Orange County were about one in 3949439034934983490390. Seriously.

Much to my parent's disapproval, I actually love the apartment lifestyle. I now embrace it with all my heart. They don't understand why I want to "throw my money away" each month.* But I enjoy not having to do/pay for any repairs. I like someone else mowing my lawn and scooping my snow. I like having a pool that I don't have to take care of. And I like the freedom of feeling like I can move at any time with no regrets.

When we moved into our current apartment I was told for the first time EVER that we could paint the walls. I immediately started planning out my dream apartment in my head. But now we have lived here for 5 months and I have not painted even one wall. I just don't feel like it. This apartment complex must have done some research on reverse psychology because it's working. So, I've decided that my challenge to myself is to make our home as colorful and fun as I can without painting the walls.

 I've been working on painting, sewing, and re-crafting a lot of things around our place lately. Some non-scientific data pertaining to this matter:
  •  7 out of 10 items in our house are thrifted. 
  •  I will finish 85% of projects with full gusto. Then I get bored. And I hurry to finish it (but I always DO finish it). 
  • 1 out of 10 projects will be done "correctly." I don't really know how to formally sew. I just make it up as I go. I have had a lot of art/painting/drawing classes but I don't think of myself as a professional.
  •  I will often take apart and/or break old projects to finish my current favorite project. (But hey that’s considered recycling isn't? I'm oh so green.) 
  •  1 out of 10 items will break/fray/tear/chip because I don't know what I'm doing.
With that information I now present..... drum roll please......

The Nursery!

 The tiny rocker was thrifted this week. I painted it to match the gnome bank.
 That is his suit waiting for him to be baptised in it next month.
 Fabric on wall from Ikea. Used in CA when I couldn't paint my walls.
 I just painted the inside of the trunk this week, and sewed the curtain. The crib is a hand-me-down.
 Our super comfy rocker from Salvation Army in Anaheim (the BEST thrift shop ever for furnature).
 Our weenie dog.

* Here is what I have to say about that. Read renting vs buying  and renting makes more sense.

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