Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day four, don't let me down!

We are going on day four of using the Cry It Out method of getting your baby to sleep through the night. I've been reading the "Bible" of children's sleep books, Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. It's a very interesting book with many scientific studies cited, but it also gives me the feeling that if I don't get my kid's sleeping habits under control I will screw him up FOR LIFE. Day four is supposed to be magical. For most people it's the night when the baby finally "gets it" and sleeps peacefully though the night. If tonight goes off without a hitch I think tomorrow morning will feel like I’ve awoken on a cruise ship somewhere near Turks. What could be better then an entire night of solid sleep? Nothing.

The piggie.

Up until three days ago he slept in our big bed with us. He is still breastfeeding and bed-sharing makes it very easy to nurse him at night. But now my little piggy is a big 7-month-old and he can go all night without waking up to eat. When he was a tiny baby the risk of SIDS really scared me and I felt so much better with him close by. But in the last week or so my whole thought process shifted. I suddenly felt the urgent need for MY space and MY sleep. It makes me feel a tinge selfish. But I know that at some point my own parents had to make me sleep in my own crib. I don't remember that moment and have no long term grudges held against them because of it. So I'm really hoping that my son will follow in my footsteps.

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Crystal said...

So, did he "get it" on Day Four? Did the method work?