Wednesday, December 16, 2009


One thing that I didn't have to leave in California was my itunes. Thank you dear baby Jesus. Because music is helping my sad heart heal. One of my favorite nights so far in Midwest Ville was seeing one of my new favorite bands. It's a new/old band because it is made up of many of my old favorite singers. But now they are singing together. Yay. This song became my motto when I was crying and driving down the 405. I was on my way to Ikea *tear* for the last time before we moved. The lyrics:

"I got a lot

Lord, I got a lotta losin’

Friends and heroes

Packin’ up and movin’

And one of these days

I’ll be left with nothin’

But memories and no time

So I better get

Yeah, I better get accustomed

‘Cause, I got a lot

Lord, I got a lotta losin’


It was like Conor Oberst himself wrote that song for me personally as I was driving down the 405.

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