Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Muumuu Christmas to You

When we moved my husband didn't have a job for about three weeks. So this year for Christmas we are pinching pennies like much of the world. So for the lovely ladies in my family I found these gems at my local thrift store. They are muumuus*, or "house dresses" if you prefer. I will force the women in my life to wear these on Christmas morning while we open gifts. I've always had a love for old clothes. If I only had the guts to go traipsing around town in one of these. Because, seriously? How comfortable would that be? And it has pockets. And if I've learned anything lately it's that pockets are my best friend. There is always something that needs to be deposited into that lint filled void. But if I did wear one to the grocery store I'd also have to have curlers in my hair. And my hair is much too short for that.

*Why are they called that? Am I even spelling it right? "Muu" (moo) because they make you look like a fat cow? Why do the most comfortable things in life have to be so unflattering?

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